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National Emergency Medical ID Package

Price: 40.00
Maddie Tattoo-Set of 10+1 marker
PRICE: 10.00 *
Limited Time Only-Regular Price-$15.99

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“4 out of 5 parents will experience losing their child in a public place.”

Losing a child is a scary situation for both you and your child. Hoping your child can remember your phone number in such a stressful situation is wishful thinking. Our Maddie Tatoo Safety Kits are great for classroom fieldtrips, family vacations and water parks.

It only takes 10-15 seconds to prepare your child in the event they go missing or get lost, our tatoos are non-toxic, waterproof, and easy to apply. Even the squirmy ones can handle that! The Maddie Tat Wrist Wraps are fun for boys and girls of all ages! Every time they look at their wrist, Maddie Monkey will remind them to stay close to you. The tattoos are 5” long and can be cut to accommodate small wrists. You can also remove the wristband entirely and only apply the center section of the tattoo. Include your important emergency information and you’re ready to go!

Let the Maddie Tat Wrist Wraps help you! These temporary, non-toxic and water-resistant tattoos can be applied to your child’s wrist and are easily spotted. Write your phone number and your child’s medical conditions/allergies with the non-toxic marker. Be prepared in a medical emergency or if you and your child get separated. Our Maddie Tattoo Safety Kit makes a wonderful gift for family, friends, teachers, etc.

Kit Includes: 10 Maddie Tat Wrist Wraps and 1 non-toxic marker. Temporary tattoos and marker are non-toxic and FDA approved. Made in the USA. Disclaimer: Maddie Tat Wrist Wraps do not replace the watchful eye of a parent. Warning: Do not apply tattoos near eyes. Do not apply to sensitive skin.