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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the member benefits?

Card renewals until age 21 (excluding s&h), safe & secure log in to keep child's profile handy for renewals and emergency situations, teen ID cards, teen driver package, college campus safety kit, safety newsletters, access to Family Watchdog to locate sex offenders in your area. In the future, when new benefits are added to the program, your membership will include them.

How safe is it to order online?

We are the preferred site for child identification services because; we limit access of personal information to employees that need this information for product creation and support. We employ security measures such as one-way encryption of passwords, account auditing, secure credit card purchasing, hardware infrastructure and various industry standards to protect against unauthorized access to personal information. Taking these steps to provide security for our National ID families has helped make us one of the largest child identification organizations in the country.

I am missing some of my child's information. Do I need to have my child's information when I place my order?

After processing the shipping & handling charges, you may complete the order at that time or if you are missing information for the child's card or need to take a photo, you can log in with your username & password to finish the order at a later time. You will continue to receive reminder notices from National Emergency ID to your email address until the order is complete.

I placed an order last year, where do I find my username and password to log in to update the information?

If you placed an order before March 2009, we did not give you the option to log in for your orders. Once you enter your renewal code and process your shipping & handling, the website will prompt you to create a username and password. You will use this to log in and complete the child's order. In the future, when you come back to update & renew your child's ID, you will log in with your username and password.

I am enrolling multiple children, does each child have a username $amp; password?

No, you will create one username & password for you and your family. All of your children would be saved under one family profile.

Instructions in the kit indicate there is shipping & handling charges, is this additional?

The fee you paid when the kit was purchased was an enrollment fee into our program. The enrollment fee covers the membership benefits (listed above). You will never pay the enrollment fee again as long as you are in the program. National Emergency Medical ID charges a shipping & handling fee to cover the cost of sending your child's completed ID Card(s) to you via First Class Delivery. Shipping & handling is per child per application.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Online processing (preferred method) is approximately 50% quicker than mail-in processing, average turnaround time for online orders are between 1-2 weeks. Mail-in processing will take approximately 4 weeks for you to receive your order. Orders are sent via first class delivery in a white envelope with our mailing label on the front. If it has been more than 4 weeks, please click here to request the status on your ID.

Do you create a database or keep my child's information online?

For online processing, your information is kept in a safe and secure portion of the website that can only be accessed with your username & password. Should an emergency situation occur and the police, paramedic or other medical professional need the child's information, they can only access with your permission and with your username and password. For mail in processing, application are kept for internal purposes only. We use mail & email addresses for renewal purposes or internal marketing. We do NOT sell names or addresses to anyone.

What information is printed on my child's ID card?

Our processors only process what is written on the application or entered online for the child. Any fields left blank will not appear on the card. The following information can be placed on the child's ID card(s): First initial, last name, date of birth, height, weight, eye color, hair color, medical conditions (if any), allergies (if any), emergency contact name, contact home phone, contact work phone, contact cell phone, personal health number (Canadian customers only), signature panel to sign (for online processing) or signature (for mail in processing only). Parental signature for medical release is optional and not required. Home addresses are used for mailing purposes only and do NOT appear on the ID cards. For extra security and peace of mind, you may opt to have the cards and/or CD mailed to an alternate address where you can receive them.

Why should I have my child's first initial and last name only on the card?

For security reasons, National Emergency Medical ID only uses the child's first initial and last name on their ID card unless the parent chooses to fill in the full name. Should the card become lost, stolen or picked up by a potential predator, they will not have access to a full name of the child. Predators will use the child's full name to gain trust with the child and possibly lure them away. Likewise, emergency contacts can also have first initials listed as opposed to full names.

How old does my child have to be to get an ID?

Children of any age can get an ID. Newborn infants to college bound young adults can receive an ID package. National Emergency Medical ID also carries an Adult I.C.E.(In Case of Emergency) card for mature adults who want to carry contact information at all times in case of an emergency situation.

How often do I need to update my child's ID?

Children aged 5 and younger-parents can update every six (6) months due to their rapidly changing physical characteristics. Children and young adults aged 6 and older-parents can update once a year. Should anything on the card change before the date to renew, you may update early to reflect the most current information for the child (only s&h will apply).

How do I renew my child's IDs?

If you process online, we will send a renewal form back with your completed order. In addition, you will also receive an email alert reminding you of the upcoming renewal period. Please make sure our email address is added to your email address book to ensure proper delivery of such emails. If you need to update early, you can use the code from the form to process online or you can mail the application to process. If you are processing your order by mail, same as above, we will send back a renewal form for you to use for the next time with your completed ID order.

How many ID cards should I purchase?

National Emergency Medical ID recommends maintaining three ID Cards for each child in the family. One for Mom to carry in her wallet, a second for Dad or another caregiver to carry in his/her wallet, and a third for your child to wear safely around their neck on a breakaway safety necklace. A fourth ID card may be appropriate for school use, such as while on field trips.

What is on the Mini CD-Electronic ID?

The E-ID is a digital version of your child's information. The wallet size CD contains child's color photo and biographical information. If a child becomes missing, in seconds their picture and biographical information can be distributed via email to authorities and missing person organizations so parent and child can be reunited. The CD has safety oriented activity pages, helpful safety information, links to US & Canadian websites that offer further information about safety and a larger printable medical release.

How does the small CD work?

The National Emergency Mini-CD runs automatically in Windows® compatible PC's or MAC with no installation. Open CD drive on computer and insert the mini CD into the CD holder- The pocket size mini CD simply fits into a standard CD-ROM tray. The CDs edges rest on the inner perimeter of the CD tray, allowing the CD to spin and play like a normal CD. It is a little bigger than a business card, is portable and fits into your wallet pocket or purse.

1. CD will automatically run once the CD drive is closed 2. In an emergency give this CD to the police, hospital, missing child agency etc. 3. To email the emergency files, to the authorities or medical professionals, click the red “EMERGENCY FILE” button on the lower left corner of the presentation, and follow directions on the help.pdf file to upload to email.

In a missing person emergency, you can use any PC, anywhere - in the mall, large theme parks, retail businesses, hospitals, any FedEx Kinko's - even laptops found in most patrol cars to pull your vital information, photo and create missing posters within minutes.

Is National Emergency Medical ID a non-profit organization?

National Emergency Medical ID is a company Registered in the State of Illinois and is not a non-profit organization. National Emergency Medical ID is committed to, providing educational aids that teach children and their families how to make smart decisions that will help them avoid and escape situations that may threaten their well being. Provide parents, caregivers, and educators with unique and effective identification products that enable parent and law enforcement personnel to react and respond swiftly, accurately, and thoroughly should a tragedy ever occur.

What forms of payment does National Emergency Medical ID accept?

Currently, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover for online processing. For mail-in processing we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check or money order made payable to National Emergency Medical ID.

Do I need to send in a photo and will it be returned?

If you chose to process your child's IDs through the mail, then you will need to send a photo along with the completed application. Photos should not be any larger than 4x6 but can be as small as a wallet size photo. The photos that transfer the best to the ID cards should be taken no farther than 5 feet from the child, can be from the waist up, and printed on good quality photo paper from a processing facility. Photos printed from home computers tend to be grainy and not as clear. Once the photo has been used for the ID card, it will be returned to you with the completed order.

What do I need to know about the DNA or fingerprint kit?

You can store DNA & fingerprint kits in a cool, dark place. You do not send these items in when you are processing your ID orders; these are for your own safekeeping. Fingerprint & DNA kits can be updated yearly. Fingerprint & DNA kits are available for an additional charge, they are not required. Vendors in the community may provide a fingerprinting card to you at the time of purchase; this is also for your own personal use-do not return with application.

I bought an additional package from a vendor at a fundraising event; can I give it as a gift? Do the forms expire?

Yes, the Enrollment Form is transferable. In fact, we encourage our customers to purchase child ID cards for their friends and family members with children. Enrollment forms do not expire. You may complete the form and mail it to us for processing at:

P.O. Box 700
Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

Question: I provided my email address. I haven't received any emails regarding updating, will I?

To ensure proper delivery of emails from National Emergency ID, please add to your email address book. However, should you feel you missed your FREE renewal reminder; you can contact us by email at and request a renewal code or form to complete your child's ID renewal. Please have your current card available when calling.

There is an error on my IDs. What can I do?

While National Emergency Medical ID strives for perfection while producing each ID card, an error can occur from time to time. Please email us at to report the error and request a corrected ID Card. You may also contact us at 888-513-6364 Monday-Friday 9am-3pm Central time to report the error.